Come & Watch

The Sweetmaker

at work

at the 

Cheddar Sweet Kitchen

Cheddar Gorge, Somerset.

Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Retailers of Quality Confectionery.


At the Cheddar Sweet Kitchen situated in the very heart of the famous Cheddar Gorge you will find one of the most fascinating sights in Somerset.


A tiny sweet factory where visitors are invited in to watch craftsman at work.


The Mizen family have been making sweets in this are for five generations (about 100 years) and throughout the year they are happy to allow visitors in to watch them work.


The factory shop now contains what many people believe to be the largest selection of old fashioned sweets anywhere in the country.


Do you remember how sweets used to taste ?


We do, because that's the way they are still made at The Cheddar Sweet Kitchen.

How do humbugs get their stripes ?


How do they put the sherbet into the Sherbet Lemons ?


How do the letters and patterns get inside sticks of rock ?


The answers to all of these questions can be found at The Cheddar Sweet Kitchen.


Demonstrations Daily Easter to October

Also weekends in the winter.

Telephone for details:

(0117) 978 2074

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