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As well being famous for Cheddar Cheese, Cheddar is also home to the famous Cheddar Gorge, and the Cheddar Caves. Cheddar's distinguishing feature is the natural phenomenon of Britain's largest gorge, while The Cheddar Yeo in Gough's Cave is Britain's biggest underground river, and the Gorge Cliffs are Britain's highest inland limestone cliffs. 

The Gorge is a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of the calcareous grassland, Karst limestone butresses and Horseshoe BatsPeregrin falcons nest on the cliff face and soay sheep keep the scrub in check.  Gough's Cave is an internationally famous archeological site because of its Late Upper Paleolithic finds (12-13,000 years old) and contained Britian's oldest complete skeleton (9,000 years old).  It lies within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is a candidate for Special Area for Conservation status.  The Village of Cheddar has a long and ancient history, having been important Roman and Saxon Centres.  As early as 1130 AD, the beauty of the Gorge was recognised as one of the "Four wonders of England".  Historically, Cheddar's source of wealth was farming and cheese making for which it was famous as early as 1170 AD.  In the 17th/18th Centuries, the many watermills ground corn and made paper, and, from the Victorian period largescale production of clothing.  Popular tourism began with the opening of Cheddar Valley Railway in 1869/1870, which provided workers from towns with the opportunity to enjoy a days outing for the first-time as a Bank Holiday.  The railway also allowed people to live within sight of a high-profile beauty spot, the Gorge, but work further away (the start of the commuting trend). Cheddar, both the Village and Gorge today provides both shopping and leisure opportunites for all ages.Sources (English Nature, Bristol Water).